Venmo Bills

For my final project in Design for User Experience course, I decided to tackle another project on creating a new feature in an existing platform. As a college student who has recently started living off campus, I wanted to study how I would create an application suitable for students and young adults to organize bills with their friends.

Link to the final presentation & check out live prototype Here!

Adobe Illustrator ⦁ FIGMA ⦁ Sketch

2018 Fall


User testing questions

  1. Where would you go to find the Bills section of Venmo?

    Goal: Make sure users can access the new feature under the menu bar

  2. Split Electricity Bills evenly with “Roommates”

    Goal: Identify the icon on the top corner as “Bill Split” and follow through the screen to use the
    split feature

  3. How would you schedule a Wifi Bill with “Roommates'“ due every 15th of a month?

    Goal: Go back to “Bills” home screen and locate “Set a Bill” button. Follow through the screens to schedule a bill.

  4. Where would you go to create a new group called “Music Plan”?

    Goal: Understand making a new group feature, and locate “My Group” button.

  5. How would you send a bill reminder to your friend Daniel?

    Goal: Understand that bills work the same way as regular payment requests, and any request not completed is labeled as “Incomplete.”


Venmo Bills Main Features

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